Karen And Ang Clear Up Their Stance On Rats And Cop-Calling

The Mob Wives Explain Why Natalie Helping The Cops Was A Rat Move

After Natalie Guercio’s boyfriend, London, was attacked and had his face slashed in a New York City nightclub, Natalie took it upon herself to post the attacker’s picture on Instagram to help the police find him. When that subject came up on last week’s Mob Wives reunion, the rest of the mob wives called out Natalie for being a rat and a cop-caller, but many of us were scratching our heads. “Why is is a rat move to help the police find your attacker?” fans wondered? Well, it all comes down to Nat G. In this exclusive chat, we asked Ang and Karen why they lashed out at Natalie for doing something that any of us might have done, and for them, it comes down to Nat being inconsistent. As Karen explains, “You cannot be a person that says ’You’re a rat,’ ’I’m Sicilian, we don’t hang out with rats,’ and then you do it. It’s not even what she did, it’s the way she did it.”