“The Ultimate Act Of Desperation”: Erin & Sara Foster Get Real About Reality TV

Do Erin and Sara discuss the meta-reality of Barely Famous

“I’m always fascinated by the people who watch reality shows, see these ‘celebrity’ types, and think that it’s all real. That’s another huge part of our show: exposing the smoke and mirrors used by people who are just trying to be famous. Paparazzi aren’t following them to a gas station; they’re being tipped off, by the ‘celebrities’ themselves, to meet them there. It’s all about creating an illusion to make these men or women seem more important than they actually are.” — Sara Foster

Erin and Sara Foster’s hilarious take on “reality” television, Barely Famous, is coming to a close tonight on VH1. Check out their latest interview, with TheThick.com where they discuss the weirdness of reality TV, the inflated egos of Hollywood, and peaking at 30.

Tune in tonight for the season finale of Barely Famous at 9PM ET/PT on VH1.

[Photo: Michael Brager/The Thick]