Taylor Swift’s Mom Gives Beautiful Speech About Her Daughter at the Academy of Country Music Awards

"I am a very proud mom," Andrea Swift told the ACMs crowd.

Taylor Swift may have crossed over to pop, but that didn’t stop the Academy of Country Music from honoring the singer with a Milestone Award at its big show Sunday. Even more wonderful is the fact Swift’s mother Andrea, who was recently diagnosed with cancer, bestowed the award to her daughter. So many tears.

Andrea’s touching speech revealed some fun facts about the “Style” singer, like the origin behind her mega-hit “Love Story.”

“Her dad and I strongly disapproved of a certain young man, and rightfully so,” Andrea said. “But she was mad. She was real mad. And she went to her room and she closed the door, and she came out about an hour later with a song called ’Love Story.'”

And then came the sweet mama-daughter feels.

“For many years, I was her constant companion,” Andrea continued. “And I witnessed a young girl with very few friends become a young woman with many, learning to stand up for herself and the things she believes in, being brave enough to explore her musical curiosity, having a voice against those who hate, and giving of herself to those in need. Like many of you with children of your own, I am a very proud mom. So I’d like to thank the ACMs for honoring her in this way, but I’d also like to thank the entire music community for taking such good care of her. And to the fans, I know you love her as I love her, and for that I thank you eternally.”

It doesn’t get any more tender than this. Check out Andrea’s entire speech above, and go call your mother!