Raven-Symone’s New Hair Is SO Raven

And it doubles as a scarf!

No one flips through hairstyles quite like Raven-Symone. Rainbow-hued, bleach blonde, shaved – she’s not afraid to try anything. Her latest look? Blonde and red dreads!
They also double as a scarf for an unexpected chill.

Splash News

Raven, her hair, and a decidedly interesting ensemble were seen at the post office this weekend. People were…unimpressed.

But it’s the post office. If you’re going to sport Crocs and tube socks, I suppose that would be the place.

Earlier this year, in her shaved and bleached phase, E! asked her why she tried this new look. “I was bored with black, brown long hair that everyone has on TV,” she explained. “So I shaved it off and dyed it a weird-ass color.”

Always be you, Raven. Crocs and all.