Did Mimi Actually Mastermind The Sex Tape? Margeaux Claims To Have The Real Story

The real truth about Mimi and Nikko's tape might not be what we think.

Margeaux is one cool cookie. In this pre-season interview, she admits that she and Nikko are in an open marriage, which is why his relationship with Mimi doesn’t bother her, and she also calls BS on Mimi’s claims that she didn’t want their sex tape released. “Nikko didn’t manipulate her,” Margeaux says. “They planned this together.”

What’s Mimi’s take on the situation though? “I feel like Nikko does things to get what he wants. He’s THAT guy…He makes my butt itch.” And what about her feelings on Margeaux? Let’s just say she’s pleading the fifth in public, but we’re pretty sure she doesn’t have anything nice to say about her TV nemesis.

Whose story can we trust? Guess we’ll find out when Love & Hip Hop Atlanta premieres tonight at 8PM ET/PT!!