The 10 Best Up-And-Coming Female Singer-Songwriters You Need To Know

Get to know the top 10 best emerging singer-songwriters.

— By Diane Cho

In an industry that takes women and tries to package them into hypersexual products, females must keep a strong sense of self and rely on the quality of their music to represent who they are. Certain female singer-songwriters are leading the forefront of artists who use their gift of storytelling to share their art. Get to know the likes of BANKS, LION BABE, Grace Mitchell and others who are becoming major players in songwriting.

Jhene Aiko

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Jhene Aiko‘s soothing voice greatly contrasts her bold songwriting. She unleashes vivid stories about heartache, single motherhood and self-reflection and wraps them in swirling melodies that make heavy subject matter feel light.

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