11 Times P!nk Took Flight In The Middle Of A Performance

Pink has a tendency to fly during her performances. And sing while doing it.

While P!nk has been delivering hits since 2000, she’s been doing something the past five years that’s particularly amazing: Taking flight during her performances! If you’ve watched a recent televised P!nk performance, nines times out of 10 she’s suspended in the air. Whether held up by a harness, acrobatic sheets or a giant revolving ball (yup), P!nk is soaring like a G6 and cementing her place as pop music’s most daring performer. Seriously, how can she be upside down, contort herself into crazy positions and manage to sound pitch perfect?

In honor of her 35th birthday, we’ve picked 10 of P!nk’s most sky-high performances and assembled them here for your viewing pleasure. Take a gander, but try not to get vertigo. (Warning: It’s hard.)

  • “Just Like Fire” – The 2016 Billboard Music Awards (May 2016)

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    Like an acrobatic Black Swan.

  • “Sober” – The Truth About Love Tour (February 2013)

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    P!nk and her gaggle of dancers hop on a revolving ball (casual) and engage in some routine acrobatics.

  • “Unwind” – The Funhouse Summer Carnival (July 2010)

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    The oldie-but-goodie track from 2003′s Try This gets a circus makeover.

  • “So What” – iHeartRadio Music Festival (September 2012)

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    During the spellbinding finale, P!nk flies across the jam-packed arena at a super-sonic pace.

  • “Raise Your Glass” – The Truth About Love Tour (May 2013)

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    Now that’s an opener. P!nk uses bungee chords to bring the otherworldly vibe of The Truth About Love Tour to life.

  • “Sober” – Funhouse Tour (March 2009)

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    P!nk is in the center of a big-top circus trapeze act during “Sober,” but still manages to deliver excellent vocals that showcase her vulnerability and passion.

  • “So What” – Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball (December 2012)

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    Lightning strikes twice with another high-energy performance of “So What” (reminiscent of her iHeartRadio show).

  • “Try” – The Truth About Love Tour (March 2013)

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    P!nk manages to make this acrobatic display both subtle and extreme.

  • “Sober” – MTV Video Music Awards (September 2009)

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    Her heart pasty might be a little too similar to Lil’ Kim’s 1999 VMAs outfit, but this performance is 100 percent original. A highlight of the night.

  • “Glitter in the Air” – Grammy Awards (January 2010)

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    Glitter isn’t the only thing in the air here.

  • “Try” – Grammy Awards (January 2014)

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    P!nk “tried” to bring magic to this year’s Grammys. And she succeeded.