Has Hell Frozen Over? Mimi Admits Stevie Was Right About Nikko And They Hug It Out

This is why you need to be watching The Afterparty!

On last night’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: The Afterparty LIVE!, a fan tweeted Mimi the following question: “Do you think you owe Stevie an apology for being right about Nikko the snake?”

And you know what? Mimi apologized on the spot to not only Stevie but all of her friends and family who warned her that Nikko was no good for her. Mimi even admitted her biggest regret was not just making a sex tape, but getting involved with Nikko in the first place and she would love to hit the reset button on her life. And what’s more, she and Stevie even hugged it out. This is why the Afterparty is going to be the best thing ever this season!

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: The Afterparty LIVE! airs Mondays at 9PM ET/PT.