I’m Gonna Need To See That Again: Stevie J Confronts Nikko

Rewatch the explosive moment between Mimi's two exes

It’s no secret that there is some major tension between Stevie J and Nikko. Their dislike for one another came to a boiling point on stage during the season two reunion where Stevie J made it rain on Nikko and then again in season three when Stevie confronted Nikko about leaked pictures of Mimi.

Last night Stevie J took it upon himself to defend Mimi’s honor once again.

After Mimi spoke to Stevie about Nikko demanding twenty-five percent of Mimi’s book profits, Stevie J was angered by Nikko’s greed. In an effort to protect his family, Stevie J met with Nikko and demanded that he back off about the book deal. When Nikko doesn’t agree to Stevie J’s demands, Stevie J puts his hands on Nikko.

Considering how many times Stevie J has been overly protective of Mimi, do you think he is still in love with her? Will Nikko back down and leave Mimi alone? Rewatch this moment again and share your thoughts below!