Blake Lively Already Knows How to Keep Her Future Teenage Daughter from Fooling Around

The 'Age of Adaline' star also explains how competitive she is with hubby Ryan Reynolds.
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Blake Lively might be a new mom, but she already knows what’s up. The Age of Adaline star stopped by The Tonight Show and explained that she and husband Ryan Reynolds are “terrified” for baby James’ teenage years. Fortunately, she has a plan that should keep the little one in check. Here’s what she told Jimmy Fallon:

We’re already paranoid about [teenage years]. We turned our basement into this cool accessible room, and I said, “Ryan, you know we need to put a window.” He said, “A window going down in the basement? That doesn’t make any sense.” I said, “It’s a chastity window.” We cannot have our daughter go in the basement with a boyfriend, we need a window so that they know at all times we are watching! It’s the new form of contraception. We’re already planning for that, and terrified.

Can’t get anything passed this hot mama. Speaking of “mama,” Blake is fighting her hubby on the reg to make sure that’s James’ first word. “We’re total rivals, by the way,” she said. “I hear him like, ’Dada, dada’ all the time and then I walk in the room he’s like, ’Mama!’ I’m like, how dare you do that! She has to say mama first! I do everything, he does nothing!”

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.