No Filter: Erica Mena Tells How She Really Feels About Love & Hip Hop Atlanta + Hollywood

See what Mena had to say about Mimi, Joseline, Nikko.

Now that Love & Hip Hop Atlanta has concluded, everyone has something to say about Season 3 and its climatic three part reunion special.

And by everyone, we mean everyone, including Love & Hip Hop star Erica Mena, who knows a thing or two about reality TV drama. Erica was excited to give her opinion on some of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta story lines seen this season and what she looking forward to about Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.

See what Mena had to say about Mimi, Joseline, Nikko and how well she knows the other women on the Love & Hip Hop franchises who share her name, in a fun game called “Name That Erica.”

Tune in for more Erica on the upcoming season of Love & Hip Hop, and catch Part 2 of the #NoFilter interview here.

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