Kalenna’s Opinion Of Rasheeda’s Music Creates A Rift In Their Friendship

Maybe Kalenna was a little TOO honest?

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but when you tell your best friend that you don’t like the music she performs, that’s going to cause a problem. That’s what happened between Kalenna and Rasheeda, and in this bonus clip, Kalenna tells Karlie Redd the dirt.

It seems that Rasheeda didn’t appreciate hearing Kalenna’s honest opinion of her last single, “Legs To The Moon,” and since Kalenna can’t be anything less than 100, she’s not in a mood to be around Rasheeda these days. Hence, she is not inviting her to her baby shower. Meanwhile, Karlie has some insane gossip of her own about Joc and his messy love life. The whole conversation is enough to put Kalenna into false labor.