iPhonePapi: The Greatest iPhone Apps Created in Honor of Drake

Quit texting your ex and keep your thumbs busy with these apps.

Drake just might hold the record for the most iPhone apps made after any artist. We found eight, but who knows? There could be more in the works. My personal pick is the Drizzy Eyebrow Makeup Spa. Check out some of the other greatest iPhone apps made after the iPhonePapi himself.

  1. Drake Official


    Stay up to date on all things Drizzy — music, news, photos — with the Drake Official app. Be forewarned: One user headlined a comment with “Started from EXCITED now I’m sadly disappointed.” Props to #SoAmazing for keeping it 100 with the Drake references despite not liking the app, though.

  2. Drizzy


    If you’re bad at texting, this one’s for you. The Drizzy app lets you download a Drake lyrics keyboard so you can exclusively text the best of Drake’s verses to whoever the hell you feel like. Including your ex.

  3. Drake Shake


    Have you ever taken a picture and thought, “If only Drake were in this with me…”? If that sounds like something that’s happened to you before, download Drake Shake immediately. The app lets you add Drake to any of your pictures, selfies included.

  4. Drizzy Eyebrow Pluck Makeup Spa


    Alright, so this one’s a little weird. You can pluck and trim Drake’s eyebrows to your hearts desire in Drizzy Eyebrow Pluck Makeup Spa. Why pluck your own eyebrows when you can pluck Drake’s, am I right?

  5. A Tiny Skating Drizzy PRO


    This game is as cute as it sounds like it would be. Help a teeny tiny Drake skate through obstacles and pick up upgrades to add to his wardrobe in Tiny Skating Drizzy PRO. This game does come with a warning, however: “THIS GAME IS HARD — PROS ONlY.”

  6. Drizzy Ball


    In Drizzy Ball, Drake is running through the 6 with a ball, and it’s up to you to keep the ball from hitting the ground.

  7. Tap The Tiles — Drizzy Edition


    In this Drizzy Edition of Tap The Tiles, Drake wants to keep appearing on your screen. Don’t let him! The only way to stop him from appearing is to tap, tap, tap his face away.

  8. Award Clicker — Fun Drizzy Tap Game Free


    Just because the description field for this app says it all, here it is: “Uhhhh!!!! Help Drizzy, the hottest dual threat rapper and singer in the game, wipe the smug look off his face by collecting all the industry awards that he deserves!”

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.