29 Reasons Why It’s Always Great to Be Blake Lively

Eternal life as Blake Lively? We'll take it!

In the new drama The Age of Adaline, stunning leading lady Blake Lively plays a woman who — after enduring some mysterious circumstances during a car crash — gets stuck at the age of 29 and is seemingly stuck like that for eternity. Yes, Adaline is “cursed” with the “misfortune” of looking like Blake Lively for her entire life at the enviable age of 29. (Real 29, too, not the ones most 30-year-olds give themselves.)

As the movie points out, being eternal definitely has its drawbacks — like how everyone/thing around you love will die time and time again, or how you’ll have to change your identity to keep up appearances. But even considering those heartbreaking circumstances, we have a hard time fathoming that being Blake Lively forever is anything but awesome.

Since 29 is the magic number (so to speak) in The Age of Adaline, here are the 29 reasons why it would always be great to be Blake Lively. Emphasis on the always.

1. She’s Mama to An Adorable Baby Girl Named James
Look out, other celeb babies.

2. She’s Married to Ryan Reynolds

Yeah, this one is pretty self-explanatory.

3. Uh, Because She Was Serena on Gossip Girl, Of Course!
XOXO, forever. (She’s also, arguably, the beloved show’s most successful alumni.)

4. She is One of the Owners of a Coveted Pair of Traveling Pants
That third movie cannot get here fast enough. Travel faster, pants!

5. She is a Straight-Up Red Carpet Superstar
This fashion icon can pull off way more than just traveling pants.

6. She’s Drop-Dead Gorgeous
See, above. Or pretty much any picture of her, ever.

7. She’s Talented to Boot!
Her acting chops in movies like The Town, The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, and The Age of Adaline prove that.

8. She’s Gotten to Work With Some Seriously Hunky Leading Men
The list includes Ben Affleck, Taylor Kitsch, Michiel Huisman, and oh yeah, some guy named Ryan Reynolds.

9. She’s Giving Gwyneth a Run For Her Money
Could Preserve be the new Goop?

10. She is Killing it On Instagram
Blake is, quite simply, a must-follow celeb.

11. She’s a Former Child Star Who Is Totally Adjusted
Perhaps the rarest Hollywood success story/bragging right of them all.

12. She’s Close Friends with Florence Welch
In fact, the soulful songstresses performed three songs at Lively’s wedding.

13. Those Luxurious Locks
Seriously, between her and Connie Britton, we have some major hair envy.

14. She’s a Cover Girl, Literally
She’s graced the cover of everything from Vogue to Glamour to Marie Claire to Cosmo. If you’ve passed a newsstand in your life, you’ve definitely seen Blake Lively.

15. She’s Got a Good Sense of Humor
Whether she’s goofing around with Jimmy Fallon or going all-out for laughs as host on Saturday Night Live, she’s proved she’s funny, too.

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