It Ain’t Over ‘Til The Momma Dee Gets Married: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Recap, Season Four Finale

"Don't play with me, you rat-faced b---h!"

Oh my word! Stevie flew to Los Angeles without the Puerto Rican Princess? Margeaux’s new boo is a woman!? Momma Dee’s officially married! Boy, it was a night. The finale of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta certainly didn’t skimp on the surprises, that’s for sure.

Need a refresher? Check out our handy recap for the most hilarious, ridiculous, and memorable moments from the season four finale of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta now!

  • When the newbie starts a war on the stars of the show

    Jessica surprises Mimi and Stevie at her performance with Margeaux and it doesn’t go over so well.

  • Jessica comes for, gulp, Stevie J.

    When Stevie tries to defend Mimi, Dime shuts him down right quick.

  • Don’t cry, pretty lady

    Kalenna tries to channel her sadness into her music and is overjoyed when Tony says he wants to manage her career again.

  • The face we made when Stevie and Mimi needed to have a private convo

    Stevie asks Mimi and Eva to move with him to Los Angeles. Yup.

  • Mimi’s confused (but also, like, she doesn’t say no)


  • When your woman tells you about her new woman

    Margeaux tells Nikko that her new boo is actually a woman and she’s in love. Nikko takes it in stride.

  • But not like the country or Ferrara

    Her name is Merika.

  • Hey, Kandi!

    Rasheeda opens Pressed and everyone shows up…

  • Hey, Traci!

    KD and Joc make up. Even Karlie Redd shows and genuinely congratulates Rasheeda.

  • The world’s reaction to Mimi’s news

    Mimi tells Karlie and Ariane that Stevie asked her to move with him. She says she hasn’t given him an answer.

  • Just wearin’ a wedding dress over my tank top…

    Momma Dee’s stressing the F out because Scrappy and Jasmine are still no shows at her wedding. The Bam is being as supportive as possible.

  • Divorce he wrote?

    Stevie skips out on Joseline’s performance but instead writes her a letter about needing to do his own thing. Is he leaving Joseline?

  • Um…

    Meanwhile, Joseline absolutely slays at her performance.

  • Er’rybody shows up for Momma Dee’s wedding

    Deb, you okay?

  • Even Royce Reed? JKJKJKJK

    But where’s Scrappy?

  • Bruh?

    Scrappy’s running late but he, Jasmine, and Emani all end being there to support Momma Dee.

  • Momma Dee’s glowing! 🙂

  • And I knight you, Queen Messy

    Karlie shows up to support Joseline and spills the Tea about Stevie asking Mimi to move to LA. Joseline wasn’t about that Tea tho.

  • Momma Dee gets her happy ending…

  • Margeaux commits to with Merika

    See more pics of them hereeeeeee!

  • Rasheeda and Kirk are going strong…for now

    You never know with Kirk’s messy ass.

  • Mimi is writing an autobiography named Let’s Share Some Wine?


  • The Bam brings over her toothbrush

    Bambi finally moves in with Scrappy.

  • Erica and Emani are cool for the summer

    Erica says she’s cool with Scrappy, she just wants him to take financial responsibility for Emani.

  • A Karlie of all trades

    Karlie is doing a test shoot for Playboy, starting her own label, etc, etc, etc, etc and still dating Lyfe.

  • Kalenna’s making music (You heard that Rasheeda diss track, right?)

  • Joseline’s just out here being a bad boosh

  • And Stevie went bye bye

Do you think Stevie really left Joseline? Do you think Mimi will move to LA? Do you think Rasheeda and Kalenna will mend ways? Will Erica and Scrappy be able to co-parent? Don’t miss the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion to find out, next Monday at 8/7c!