Mehgan James Strips Down to Her Panties

And why she thinks there should be a slit in the front and back of her underwear.

We might see plenty of drama play out each week on Basketball Wives LA but that doesn’t mean these women aren’t hard-working entrepreneurs. In this clip, we get to go behind the scenes with Mehgan on the panty line that brought her to LA in the first place. Mehgan reveals that she “stands for underwear equality” and to prove her commitment strips down to reveal what she’s working with in the middle of a store.

Mehgan struts the LA streets wearing her undies as well, which probably disprooves Draya’s “fupa” theory. Werk it girl.

If you’re interested in seeing how the designs turned out you can head over the Fresh Pear Underwear site and see if the slits in the front and back made it into the final design. Why have two splits? You’re gonna have to watch the clip to figure that one out.

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