Dating Naked Sneak Peek: Fallon’s So Jealous & All She’s Got Is A Glass Of Pinot Grigio

"She is used to the attention, all the time and I can't give her that."

Fallon is one of those divisive characters on reality TV and she’s living up to that rep. In a sneak peek for an all new Dating Naked, Fallon is none too pleased when Chris (her “boyfriend”) seems to make an actual connection with newbie Lauryn (“that blob of mess”). Lauryn wants to know what Chris actually has in common with Fallon, besides the physical and Chris just kinda laughs (because he knows she’s right?)

Fallon occupies herself saying she’s bored while chillin’ with a glass of Pinot Grigio and pouting. Is this the end of Fallon and Chris? Find out on all new Dating Naked, Wednesday at 9/8c!