I’m Gonna Need To See That Again: Jackie Christie Spits On Mehgan James

"Jackie's just so, so nasty!"

Back in July, on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta After Party Live! Jackie Christie admitted to spitting on one of her Basketball Wives LA castmates. On Sunday night it was revealed that Meghan was the poor target of Jackie’s spit – not once, but twice!

Picking up where last week’s episode left off, after everyone has calmed down from the fight in Santa Barbara, Mehgan begins to question if Jackie had her back.

When Mehgan finally confronts Jackie about not coming to her defense during the fight, Jackie is so upset and angry that she actually spits on Meghan. Mehgan is so disgusted and offended that a verbal argument almost turns physical. “That’s the most trashy, disgusting, most disrespectful thing. Like b—h, how dare you?” – Mehgan.

Did Jackie have Mehgan’s back? Did Jackie go to far by spitting on Mehgan? Rewatch the shocking scene above and share your thoughts/comments below.