Ernest Feels Upstaged by Momma Dee’s Children

The Queen's palace was disrupted for a minute there...

While it may have seemed that Momma Dee’s fairytale second wedding to Ernest Bryant went off without a hitch on the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta finale, that wasn’t exactly the case. We know that Joc almost had to walk Mom Dukes down the aisle instead of Scrappy but in this exclusive bonus clip we see just how bent out of shape Momma Dee was about the whole thing.

After leaving an emotional voicemail for Scrappy the almost-bride breaks down to her man Ernest (who came bearing food) about Scrappy avoiding her calls and refusing to attend her wedding. While her man came to her side, he was also quick to tell her that he’s tired of hearing about Scrappy and Jasmine all the time. Even though it all worked out in the end, Momma Dee’s kids really put her through the wringer before they let her have a big happy wedding.

See how Momma Dee and Scrappy handle their tensions at the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion Monday at 8/7c!

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