You Won’t Believe This Shocking Fact About Coco’s Pregnancy

She is a goddess not of this planet.

Coco is expecting her first child with Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Thespian Ice-T, which is exciting AF. The—erm—bodacious model admits to craving cRaZy~* things like fruit (gasp!) and Shirley Temples (LOL, k), but interestingly enough, she’s actually losing weight. Yup, you read that correctly. Coco is defying the laws of physics by shedding pounds as a fetus bakes in her oven.

How is this possible? According to The Gossip Table, Coco is an avid drinker. However, she’s had to cut out the sauce because, ya know, she’s pregnant. As a result, she’s dropped a whopping 10 pounds.

Of course, this is just temporary. We’re sure Coco will start gaining like any normal prego in no time. If she doesn’t, it’s further proof she’s a goddess not of this planet.