Chris Brown’s “Body On Me” Feature Might Be Exactly What Rita Ora Needs to Win Over America

Is "Body On Me" Rita's big American break?

Chris Brown has the Midas touch. “All Eyes On You,” “Post To Be,” “Ayo,” “Fun” — a C Breezy feature seems to be just the thing that takes a song from good to bangin’.

Chris’ latest pairing is with Rita Ora on her sexy pop single “Body On Me,” the video for which dropped today. While beloved overseas, Rita isn’t so much in America. Her 2012 debut Ora was never released here. People have a hard time understanding her music because we haven’t heard all of it. Hence the comparisons to Rihanna. The slut-shaming. The dismissive tone people use towards her. For whatever reason — romantic relationships, management choices, undefined image — Rita has a negative reputation here, but she’s trying to break free of that.

“Body On Me” feels very much like an attempt by Rita to tap into an American fanbase. Landing a Chris Brown feature is big for her because Chris is big. He can’t do wrong musically despite what goes on in his personal life. He can sing, he can dance, he can make great music. Is he Rita’s ticket to finding an American audience?

He just might be. Watch Rita’s “Body On Me” video featuring Chris here, and tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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