5 Things You Didn’t Know Demi Lovato Gave To The Music World

Bless her.

Demi Lovato is one of pop’s most dynamic entertainers. Her catalog is chock-full of hits—”Cool for the Summer,” anyone? But even cooler (pun intended), she can sing the hell out of ’em. Mix in Demi’s badass stance on body image—in a nutshell, love your curves—and transparency about her past addiction struggles, and we have a superstar unafraid to get raw with her fans. And look glam AF while doing it. An actual queen.

We all know Demi is a crazy good vocalist, but she’s also contributed to music—and the GD world—in ways that may surprise you. In honor of the “Really Don’t Care” singer’s 23rd birthday—only a year older than me, WTF!—check out these five amazing things she’s done for music. Try not to have a heart attack. (Eh?!)

  1. She co-wrote a song for X-Factor season two contestant Bea Miller.

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    Even though Demi (who was formerly a judge on X-Factor) didn’t mentor 16-year-old Bea on the show, she still helped craft “We’re Taking Over,” a kitschy pop/rock track from Bea’s debut album Not an Apology.

  2. She co-directed her “Made in the USA” music video.

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    After Demi told her manager the idea she had for “Made in the USA’s” music video, he suggested she take lead on the project. Alongside seasoned pro Ryan Pallotta—who has directed clips for Ariana Grande and Nick Jonas—Demi brought her addictive pop tune to visual life. Please remember she was, like, 21 at the time. What the hell were you doing at 21?

  3. Oh! Did we mention she has co-writing credits on all of her albums?

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    As a Demi stan, I’m surprised I didn’t know this. She’s even the sole writer on a few tunes, like “Catch Me” from her third LP Here We Go Again (2009).

  4. She organized a fundraising concert for mental health.

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    The shindig went down this past March in Los Angeles and featured performances form Christina Perri and Joe Jonas. Demi has always been vocal about her own bipolar disorder issues.

  5. Her throwback collaborations give her major rock cred.

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    Do you remember the time she jammed with Hot Chelle Rae on 2012’s “Why Don’t You Love Me?” Or when she slayed alongside We The Kings on their track “We’ll Be A Dream?” See? There is more to this pop star than meets the glittery eye.