‘Rigs Of Dad’ Instagram Page Gives Metal Pops A Chance To Shine + Show Off Their Gear

Let the Dad Metal reign \m/

We at VH1 cover heavy metal legends and superstars, but what about the graying family man who consigns his rockage to the basement or garage? Will they remain banished to their mancaves forever?! Well now a hilarious/awesome Instagram account is giving these humble headbangers their due. The “Rigs Of Dad” Instagram page allows gentlemen “of a certain age” to show off their gear for the world.

There’s sweet gear.

Sick guitars.

Killer home setups.

A few other household modifications.

Just installed…… TO MY WISHLIST! Heading to Lowes now to find one of these! #SBS #sinkbuyingsaturday #rigsofdad

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Anyone know where I can get one of these? Let's just say I'm ready to dump some cash on one. #rigsofdad

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And no dad metalhead is complete without this tie.

Let the Dad Metal reign!

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