Meek Mill Is On His Girl’s Tour And I Don’t See The Big Damn Deal

Meek's unbothered. He knows he's still all man.

The internet is buzzing because Meek Mill has just admitted on Instagram that he’s on his girl, Nicki Minaj’s, tour.

Though this can be considered a “win” for Drake, I’m finding a hard time understanding why.

In Drizzy’s second diss track for Meek, “Back 2 Back,” he rapped, “you love her, then you gotta give the world to her, is that a world tour or your girl’s tour?” When fans heard him say this, the insults towards Nicki’s bae began streaming in—the general consensus being that a male that’s on “his woman’s” tour tour is “weak” or “less of a man.”

Then Drake went in for the sexist kill when he continued, “And shout out to my boss b-ches wifing n-as.” Taken aback by those lyrics when I first heard them, I seriously needed the 6ix God to repent after letting that ignorance come out of his mouth.

Now I can understand throwing shade at Meek because he randomly started beef with Drake on Twitter. And it makes sense to blast him for his wack response track, “Wanna Know.” But why is it emasculating for a man to be a part of his female S.O.’s headlining tour?

Thankfully, Meek is secure with his own manhood and knows that he doesn’t need to try to deny or defend himself in sense. In fact, he proudly admits that he’s on his better half’s tour and showed his gratitude.

Last night on the #pinkprinttour #aka #mygirltour Edmonton Canada! Glad 2 b apart of it!

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He even admitted the exact same thing a couple of weeks ago while performing onstage.

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