Hip Hop Hero Luther Campbell Has Some Advice For Meek Mill About That Whole Drake Debacle

The 2 Live Crew mastermind picks a side.

It’s fair to say that Luther Campbell has see more than his share of beefs. During his time in the trailblazing rap collective 2 Live Crew, Campbell (also known as Luke Skywalker, or Uncle Luke to his friends) took heat from Florida authorities who deemed their music obscene, leading to numerous trials and even arrests. A further legal clash over sampling fair use saw the rapper take his case all the way to the Supreme Court—and win!

The multi-talented Campbell has just released his memoir, The Book Of Luke, documenting these trials (lots of trials), tribulations, and so much more. It’s an indelible tome of industry insider knowledge and hip hop history, but Luke believes there’s one man in particular who can benefit from his acquired wisdom: Meek Mill. In the wake of the whole Drake debacle, the elder statesman of the rap game says that Meek can learn some valuable lessons from his new book.

Watch the clip above to hear Campbell’s take on the whole feud.

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