John Stamos Has the Most Glorious Collection of Throwback Pics Ever

Have mercy, indeed.

With all this talk of Netflix’s Fuller House, consider our nostalgia levels spiked. And there’s no safe space for a high level of nostalgia than a great celebrity Instagram, and John Stamos’ is one of the best. Not only does he share a ton of reunited (and it feels so good) pics with his Full House castmates, but he takes Throwback Thursdays and Flashback Fridays to the next level. Here are some of the best photos he’s shared.

He gives us baby ’80s John Stamos.

He gives us mulleted ’80s John Stamos with bonus Jimmy Page.

Tiny baby Olsen twins!

He took a very young Candace Cameron to see George Michael and his formidable chest hair? Best. Uncle. Ever.

He knows that ’90s photoshoots mean no shirts, only cross necklaces.

This photo not only gives us ’80s Demi Moore realness, but if you look at the caption, we learn Rick Springfield is the only “prick” Stamos has ever worked with.

Sniff. Their love was everything.

Stamos was great friends with Jack Klugman. The two were also great friends with Playboy Playmates apparently.

No bunnies this time, but aw.

Sammy Davis, Jr.? Stamos, you meet the best people.

Paula Abdul?! Stamos, you meet the best people.

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