Jennifer Lawrence’s Tequila-Fueled Boob Talk: Another 7 Reasons To Love Her!
Radar Online this morning has a story about how Jennifer Lawrence’s friends are concerned that the Silver Linings Playbook star is putting her work ahead of her health. Which, yeah, that’s kind of legit, considering the fact that she’s admitted to having walking pneumonia at both the Golden Globes and the SAG Awards. But if she weren’t sick, her stories (and acceptance speeches) would be so much less entertaining, wouldn’t they? Case in point: Her best tales on last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live were health-related. There were other gems too, as there have been basically every time she sits on a late-night couch. Here are seven more reasons we love JLaw, based on her latest sit-down:

  • She had a couple of shots of tequila (the producer’s idea) and a beer (her idea) before getting onstage.
  • Her main concern upon seeing a recent chest x-ray was not her pneumonia but the appearance that her breasts are different sizes. “It felt like an elephant in the room,” she said of bringing it up with her doctor. “I hope no one ever sees my breasts in an x-ray.” (Better cut that radiology scene you were planning, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay screenwriters!)
  • She had a 103-degree fever at the Golden Globes and still managed to give that great speech with the First Wives Club joke and a jab at her brothers.
  • She made this face to her dad upon seeing Adele at the next table over. The same face we would make!

  • On camera, Jen says, “My dad and I turn into compulsive rednecks.” Her mom, though, gets weepy.
  • But her mom is really funny too, calling out from the audience that she cried on Access Hollywood because Jennifer “was stepping on my foot.” She also said Jen’s tequila shots were “probably not OK.”
  • Still recovering from pneumonia, talking about her uneven boobs, Jen looked smoking hot in that yellow dress, which is just unfair.
[Photo: ABC]

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