Bar Refaeli’s Lingerie Ads Almost Cancel Out Her Really Uncomfortable GoDaddy Ad. Almost.
When we first heard that the internet was in a tizzy over Bar Refaeli’s new GoDaddy ad, it made us angry. We hadn’t seen the thing yet, but people seemed to object to the fact that she makes out with a (how should we say…) “doofy” looking guy known as Walter. But hey, there is nothing that makes us happier than watching a nerdy dude get some loving from a super model. Trust is, high school wounds are still way too fresh.

So we clicked on the video and prepared to score a silent victory for our inner 14-year-old selves. And then we saw what all the fuss was about. It wasn’t poor Walter that was so offensive, but the 8 seconds (8 seconds!) of graphic up-close-and-personal detail. And the sounds…dear god the sounds. Word of advice: Don’t watch this clip with headphones.

By the time time it was over, the only thing left to do was to check out her new series of print ads for Passionata lingerie. It’s a pretty good palate cleanser. We’ll think about it when we wake up in the middle of the night, trying to drown out the memory of those smacking sounds with our own screams.

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