Strip Club And Dollar Bills, The San Francisco 49ers Still Got Mo’ Money

A little T&A never hurt nobody. If you envisioned Super Bowl XLVII preparation for the San Francisco 49ers looking like an actual mock game, think again. Down in New Orleans boobs and booty was all that was on a couple of the guy’s mind last night; and with the pressure of pulling a W on Sunday, can you blame them?

TMZ caught a handful of the 49ers’ players heading into the notorious Penthouse Club on Bourbon Street. Frank Gore, Michael Crabtree and Patrick Willis creeped (although you can’t really creep when you’re football players with management and security) out of their hotels to go get some lap dances. Meanwhile inside  the reported 150 strippers ran at the sound of the Player’s Club siren alerting them to “ballers in the house.” Time to make some money! As “Bandz A Make Her Dance” played the trio made it rain with their NFL money. The ladies brought out their best tricks and booty claps. The drinks were flowing, the boobs were plenty.

Our imagination has gone wild with this make believe account of what happened when the players went inside. It doesn’t sound too far fetched though. One thing we can bet on is that few lucky strippers had one lucky night. Rihanna’s “Strip clubs and dollar bills, I still got mo’ money” was the anthem of the night. And because of this little R&R or (T&A) we’re predicting a 49ers win. Makes sense, right?

SF 49ers Superstars Gore, Crabtree, Willis STRIP CLUBBIN’ [TMZ]

[Photo: TMZ]