Justin Bieber Flashes Washboard Stomach, Gets Very Close To A Mannequin On Fallon

Is this weird? Is this gross? Is this oddly compelling? All of the above and then some. Justin Bieber was on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night and something about the presence of Jimmy Fallon made him comfortable enough to bare his soul. And by baring his soul we mean … baring his abs. He sauntered in with his leather pants, his camo jacket and this red kicks — basically took over the studio like the boss he is — and gave Fallon the money shot of all money shots which you can see right below. Of course he has the cheek to say, “my abs are not my musical guest,” when Fallon talked about his famous six-pack, because, lets face it, they will always be his very special guest, musical or otherwise.

But that’s not the weird, gross, compelling part. We say this to snap you out of the washboard stomach shock you just went into. And to prepare you for your next spell, we’ll just spit it out — Justin made out with a mannequin on television

No, he did. A mannequin head, to be precise. And really got into it as well, even though Fallon advised him not to fall in love with it. There’s a hilarious video of it right below. It’s NSFW and kind of … weirdly, grossly compelling.

[Photos: Getty Images]