Kim Kardashian’s Baby At Risk From Divorce Stress: Rumor We Hate

Somehow, TMZ knows a whole lot about what’s going on in Kim Kardashian’s uterus this days. The gossip site reports that Kim’s been having “severe pains” in the past few days, and her doctor warned her that stress over her divorce from Kris Humphries could have “long-term effects” on her and Kanye West’s unborn child with Kanye West. She reportedly was experiencing these pains several hours before visiting her lawyer, Laura Wasser, yesterday.

This sounds pretty serious and believable, except for one small fact that’s bugging us: Among the photos taken of Kim looking all business-like yesterday (Radar has her walking hand-in-hand with Wasser), most of them were snapped while she was out shopping on Robertson Boulevard, not doubled over in pain or looking stressed out. Three possible explanations here: 1) The TMZ story isn’t true. 2) The photos were taken before she experienced this pain. 3) She was grinning and bearing the pain, in hopes that a little therapeutic shopping would make it all OK. Either way, Kim, it can’t hurt for you take it easy!

So, what’s the latest on Kim and Kris’ never-ending divorce, anyway? Next week, there will be a conference with the judge to set a trial date, which Humphries has gotten delayed three times saying he needs more time to depose witnesses. According to Radar, his big strategy of late has been to watch reruns of Kourtney and Kim Take New York in search of more evidence that their 72-day wedding was a fraud. Weirdly, this sounds like a pretty decent idea to us.

[Photo: Splash News Online]