Watch: Quevenzhane Wallis Teaches Hollywood – And You! – How To Say Her Name

Quevenzhane Wallis is the youngest Oscar nominee ever in the Best Actress category, and the distinction is well earned. The actress’s performance in Beasts of the Southern Wild is raw and moving and will make you cry all the tears, until your tears cry tears. She’s also incredibly charming in interviews in a grounded, child-like way. She has yet to be turned into some child-star robot, and we have a hard time imagining her ever ending up as such.

One thing that’s stumped the adult reporters currently following her every move is how to pronounce her name. She schooled the press at the Oscar Nominees Luncheon on the proper way to say ’Quevenzhane’ this week, and you can watch the video above to learn it too. But if it’s still too hard for you (and really, it shouldn’t be) she said people can just call her “Q.” Might we suggest “Q-dorable” as another option?