Emma Roberts Lands Role Of Lena In Delirium: What Do YOU Think Of This Casting Choice?

Emma Roberts has been cast as Lena, the lead role in Delirium, Lauren Oliver’s YA book franchise currently being adapted for TV by Fox. The trilogy (the third book, Requiem comes out next month) details 18-year-old Lena’s coming of age experiences in a dystopian world where love is considered a sickness, and the only cure is brain surgery and a partner assigned by the government.

As a fan of the series and all of Oliver’s books, we’re intrigued by this casting choice. Robert’s has a long resume but has yet really break out on the big screen. She’s got some solid projects lined up for 2013, including We’re The Millers and Adult World, and was a delight as obnoxious pop singer Riley in last year’s Celeste & Jesse Forever. 

In the book Lena is described and stocky and somewhat plain, especially compared to her flashier best friend Hana. We’ve seen fans arguing that Roberts is simply too pretty for the role, but this is Hollywood, where the heroines are always stunning and a little make up can go a long way in taking good looks down a notch. What we’re most interested in is what she’ll bring to a very intense and challenging role. Care to share your thoughts? Weigh in in our poll and the comments below. And hey – we’ve always imagined Emma’s boyfriend, Evan Peters, as Lena’s love interest Alex. Maybe she can make it happen?

Check out our interview with author Lauren Oliver, who revealed her casting dreams for Delirium to VH1 Celebrity.

What Do You Think Of Emma Roberts As Lena In Delirium?

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