Side Effects Will Provide Even MORE Hot Channing Tatum Moments To Go With These 10 Favorites

Channing Tatum’s new movie Side Effects gets released today, which is sure to provide some much needed hotness in the wake of the snow-icane about to slam the Northeast. OK sure, technically the Steven Soderbergh flick also stars Jude Law as the male lead. But ever since Magic Mike, we’ve sort of had an unrealistic expectation for exactly how much of Channing we get to see in any given movie.

  • wedding

  • Vacation

  • Sean John

  • snl

  • stripper

  • Rainforest

  • Magic Mike

  • mom

  • Nautica

  • pepsi

Call us crazy. And that’s the magic of Mr. Tatum: He can make anything sexy just by being a part of it! Just check out the gallery below for 10 other moments that are way sexier than they every should have been, simply thanks to the talents (read: “bod”) of Channing Tatum. Enjoy!

10. Modeling for Sean John in 2003
9. Spinning for Pepsi
8. Being modest on the set of Magic Mike
7. “Exotic” dancing
6. Vaca with the wifey, Jenna Dewan-Tatum
5. Blue Steel for Nautica Fall 2003
4. Chillin’ with his momma
3. Married life
2. Dirty dancing for the rainforest
1. Heating up Rock Center on Saturday Night Live

[Photos: Open Road Films]

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