Bruce Willis Macks It With Wife On Die Hard Red Carpet, Joins Our List Of The 15 Grossest Celeb PDAs

We used to think that love was a beautiful thing. And then Bruce Willis came along and showed us that it’s not always true.

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Thanks a lot Bruce! Just in time for Valentine’s Day, too. The action movie evergreen was mackin’ it hardcore with his wife, Emma, on the red carpet premiere of A Good Day To Die Hard in Germany. Judges, can we get a ruling on this?  Yup, that’s definitely gonna make our list of the top 15 grossest celebrity PDAs!

We’re not heartless, we swear! Conceptually it’s really cute that he and his wife are so passionate about each other that they want to share their affection in front of the world’s press. But but but…couldn’t they just tell us about it? There’s nothing wrong with PDAs (particularly when they involve ourselves) but sometimes they are so very wrong. We love you, Bruce and Emma. Now show us some love by getting a room next time.

[Photo: Getty Images]


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