Ellen DeGeneres Wanted To Motorboat Katy Perry At The Grammys

We tried to come up with an innocent explanation for the above photo. Really we did, we swear! But there seems to be no getting around the simple fact that Ellen DeGeneres wants to motorboat Katy Perry. Yes, right there on the floor of the 2013 Grammy Awards ceremony! And her lovely wife Portia de Rossi seems totally cool with it, so hey…whatever floats your (motor)boat there, Ell!

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Ellen’s desire is probably not uncommon. We’ve already brought you 28 ways that the Teenage Dream is seducing the world. But that was way back in October, and she’s come up with a bunch more new, improved and exciting ways since then. Exhibit A: Her gorgeous boob-baring sea-foam green dress! We’re not sure how Katy’s BF John Mayer will react to Ellen’s, err, “request” but we have a funny feeling that the guy will understand. He’s not exactly a man of subtlety.

Ellen DeGeneres Ogles Katy Perry’s Boobs At The Grammys BECAUSE LOOK AT KATY PERRY FOR GOD’S SAKE! (PHOTO)

[Photo: Getty Images]

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