Faith Hill Debuts Braces At The 2013 Grammy Awards, Reminds Us All Of The Importance Of Retainers

Faith Hill is one of the most glamorous women not just in country music, but in all of entertainment. She made waves at last night’s Grammy Awards in Los Angeles for a bold fashion decision that she made. No, she didn’t strike out against the insane fashion guidelines that the Grammy producers outlined by baring any of her “fleshy undercurves”; rather, she showed up to the ceremony sporting a brand new set of clear braces!

If you’re wondering why a 45 year-old woman who has been endured the spotlight of fame for going on 20 years would all of a sudden decide that she wanted to dip her toes in the ocean of orthodontia, the answer will no doubt scare any and all of you who have ever worn braces at some point in your life. Hill told KNIX radio on the Grammys Red Carpet that she “forgot to wear [her] retainer,” which led her to chip in this improvised PSA: “Kids, wear your retainer!” Let this be a warning to you, folks — as a younger person, you might have ignored the warnings to wear your retainer from whomever your local version of Dr. Orin Scrivello D.D.S. was, but don’t let Faith Hill’s sacrifice go to waste. Crawl under your sink tonight, dig out your old retainer, drop it in a cup of Polident for a few minutes to clean it off, then pop it in your mouth before you go to sleep tonight. You can thank us (and Faith!) later.

[Photos: Getty Images]