Aubrey O’Day’s 20 Most Scandalously Sexy Twitpics And Instagrams Ever In Honor Of Her Birthday

Aubrey O’Day has learned from some of the best moguls in the biz. She had P. Diddy managing her on Making The Band and went head-to-head with Donald Trump on Celebrity Apprentice, so we’re pretty sure she’s set to take over the universe! And we guess they taught her that the way to world domination is taking scantily-clad pictures of yourself and posting them on social media. Hmmm, works for us!

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Life’s been a beach for Aubrey since her days in Danity Kane. Yeah, we know it was pretty rough when ol’ Diddy fired her, but Aubrey definitely bounced back pretty quick. The multi-talented lady has modeled in magazine’s like Blender and Maxim, been a Playboy cover girl, done a turn on Broadway in the musical Hairspray, and appeared on the TV show American High School. Her solo EP Between Two Evils drops this year, featuring her newest single, “Before I Drown.” And she did it all before 30! Aubrey O’Day turns 29 years old today, so to celebrate we’ve assembled the never-shy star’s 20 most scandalous Twitpics and Instagrams of all time. Enjoy!

[Photo: Instagram/Twitpic]

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