Forget Sideboob, Katy Perry And Kate Upton Are Bringing Good Old Fashioned Cleavage Back

You’ve had a really good run, side boob and underboob. However, thanks to Katy Perry and Kate Upton, good ol’ fashioned cleavage has regained its status over its more trendy upstart cousins.

At this weekend’s Grammy Awards, Katy Perry stole the show (and attracted the wandering eye of Ellen DeGeneres) by putting her bust on display in a stunning, seafoam green dress. She heeded the warnings that Grammy producers issued in their now infamous memo about displaying “bare sides or under curvature of the breasts,” and instead wore a dress with the kind of plunging neckline that would’ve resulted in Sophia Loren giving her the Mansfield side-eye.

Meanwhile, Kate Upton made “history” —we are using that term quite loosely, please bear with us— by becoming the first supermodel to score back-to-back covers of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue since the similarly busty Tyra Banks did so in 1996-97. Although her cover shoot took place in Antarctica, there is not a single goosebump visible on Upton’s well-tanned and toned body (which is the exact opposite reaction that teenage boys will have when they lay eyes on this cover). Upton’s assets have been dominating headlines and the fashion world since her SI Swimsuit appearance last February, and although she’s dressed significantly more skimpy than Miss Perry, the two are definitely throwbacks in the grand tradition of Elizabeth Taylor and Raquel Welch for how they flaunt their curves.

But, that said, this renaissance begs the question…

Who Has The More Enviable Cleavage?

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[Photo Credit: Getty Images/Sports Illustrated]