Beyonce Sparkles At The Premiere Of Her New Documentary, Life Is But A Dream

Beyoncé’s new HBO documentary, Life Is But A Dream, is set to premiere on HBO this Saturday night. While we have already canceled all of our plans that night in anticipation of spending the evening on the couch soaking in the experience, Bey unveiled the film at New York City’s historic Ziegfield Theater last night for her most fabulous and well-to-do friends, including dapper husband Jay-Z, pantsless sis Solange, and Her Royal Highness, Queen Oprah Winfrey, among others.

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We haven’t heard much from Beyonce lately; it’s almost like she’s been living in a cave or something! We kid, we kid, we’ve been reveling in King Bey’s recent re-emergence into the world after spending most of the last year adjusting to motherhood. Speaking of which, little Blue-Ivy Carter was nowhere to be seen (#SADFACE) at either last night’s premiere or after party at the super chic Christie’s, but we’re not hatin’ — after all, what good is having hundreds of millions of dollars if you can’t afford to spring for a babysitter? Bey must’ve gotten the memo that Kate Upton and Katy Perry recently issued about the Return Of Cleavage, as she put plenty of decolletage on display in her sheer and sparkly Elie Saab gown. (As Tierra from The Bachelor would say, “NEVER LET THEM STEAL YOUR SPARKLE!”) She walked the red carpet solo, looking so “Gone With The Wind Fabulous” that no one would dare get her confused with Kenya Moore.

Speaking of the Real Housewives, Kenya wasn’t in attendance last night, but her RHOA castmater and former supermodel Cynthia Bailey did show up sporting a pair of chunky black frames. Queen O blessed the red carpet with her presence — more on that in a few!– as did The-Dream, Tyson Beckford, and the legendary Angela Bassett. Husband Jay-Z skipped the premiere (we’re guessing that HBO got him a screener copy of the movie?), but made sure to show up to the afterparty with besties Russell Simmons and Chris Rock.

Our pals over at VH1 News were on the red carpet last night, and we’ll have some lovely Beyonce anecdotes/praise from the likes of Oprah and The-Dream to share with you momentarily!

[Photo: Getty Images]