Get In The Valentine’s Day Mood With These 40 Adorable Celebrity Couples Being Adorable

Hooray, it’s Valentine’s Day! If you’re single, you’re probably pissed off and hate everything. And if you’re coupled, you’re probably really stressed out and hate everything because you haven’t made a dinner reservation, haven’t procured a gift, or made any plans whatsoever because it’s been really crazy at work and you just forgot. So all in all, it’s not exactly everyone’s favorite time of year. But we’re about to change all that with this gallery of the 40 most adorable celebrity couples doing adorable things!

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  • Kimye

  • Ryan_Julianne

  • adam_suli

  • angelina_brad_s

  • anna_stephen

  • david_victoria

  • Blake_Ryan

  • emma_andrew

  • gabby_dwade

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  • jen_ben_s

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  • emily_john

  • jen_casper

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  • miranda_orlando

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  • rachel_ben

  • Robert_susan

  • paula_robin

  • Sacha_isla

  • tamera_adam

  • Ti_tiny

  • tia_cory

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  • javier_penelope

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Seriously, we’re right there with you. Valentine’s Day kinda sucks. But when you look at the adoring glances between these beautiful multimillionaires, all that bitterness goes away! Just look at Jay-Z hangin’ with his queen Beyonce. Or Wiz Khalifa walking hand-in-hand with his baby mama Amber Rose. Just try and tell us that they don’t melt your icy heart.

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith have never been afraid of showing their affection in public, and neither have Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Some couples are royal, like England’s Kate and William, and others are kind of a royal pain like Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. But no matter how annoying the might be when they’re apart, when they’re together they’re so in love that it just doesn’t matter!

So this year, let these super cute super stars pull you our of your V-Day funk. And if that doesn’t work, at least take comfort in knowing that all sorts of Valentine’s Day candy will be on sale tomorrow at the drug store. That always works for us.

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