Beautiful Creatures Opens Today! Here Are 30 Reasons Why Emmy Rossum Is The Most Beautiful Creature Of All

She’s a singing prodigy and a star of screens both big and small. She’s made us laugh in her role as Fiona on Shameless, and awesome performances in Mystic River and The Phantom of the Opera prove she’s got the whole drama thing down. She has classic Hollywood style, and abs that make us want to do sit-ups for the rest of our lives. Emmy Rossum, will you be our Valentine? The multi-talented actress’s latest film Beautiful Creatures opens today, and we’re definitely certain that she’s the most beautiful creature in it! Or ever, for that matter.

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Sorry Cupid, but we’ve got other plans for our Valentine’s Day evening. We’ve been counting down the days until the southern Gothic teen flick went wide across the country, and nothing’s going to get in our way to see Ridley Duchannes come alive before our very eyes. Yes, Emmy has completely stolen our hearts. Do you need any more reasons why? You do!? OK, well then head to the gallery up above, because we’ve got 30!

[Photo: Getty Images/Instagram]


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