Chris Brown Sued By Drake And Threatened By A Gang Member, Doesn’t Feel The Valentine’s Day Love

Chris Brown is not feeling the loving vibe this Valentine’s Day. Not only is he still dealing with the legal fall-out from his epic nightclub brawl with Drake last summer, but he also got threatened by a man who claims to be a member of L.A.’s notorious Crips gang!

According to TMZ, a French model named Romain Julien was present at the W.i.P Nightclub during the infamous bottle throwing match between Breezy and Dreezy, and ended up getting whacked. Now he’s suing the two stars for his injuries  because, hey, he’s a model and he needs to keep his face in good shape! The result of his lawsuit has sparked off another round of court battles between Drake and Brown, who have both fired off documents blaming the other for the (incredibly stupid) fight. The loser of the case will take full legal responsibility for the brawl and will be responsible for Romain’s payoff if he wins his own suit.

That’s all very complicated, but Chris’ beef with an alleged gang member is wayyy more straight forward. Brown was leaving the Hollywood nightclub “Playhouse” and made a quick dash for his car when some dude nearby started heckling him (with some nasty language). “I ain’t never seen a ni—r jump in a car that fast, ni—r,” said the man in the video captured by TMZ. “Yo, scary-ass Chris is that motherf—er bulletproof?” he continued, gesturing to the windscreen of his Lamborghini.

To Chris’ credit, he didn’t immediately launch into a fight with the dude (baby steps!), but resorted to the classic high-school comeback of asking the guy if he is bulletproof. We half expected the stranger to inform Chris that his mom is bullet proof, but his response is way scarier. “I’m a crip ni—r, hell yeah, I’m bulletproof!” It was around this point that Chris’ ride, wisely, sped off into the night.

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