Miley Cyrus Earns Her Stripes

Miley Cyrus is championing a certain “trend” and we’re not really sure it’s going to take off. The photograph on the right was taken in Palm Springs, where she stood out like a sore thumb. The picture on the left was taken yesterday, in Soho New York, as she walked out of a studio. So, stripes, eh? Big, can’t-miss-’em stripes. We have some thoughts about why Miley thinks she can make “this” happen. 

1. She’s channeling Beetlejuice.

2. She wants Marc Jacobs to hire her as his muse.

3. She’s about to announce her new mime pantomine act.

4. She’s suddenly French.

5. Jailhouse chic is a thing now.

Basically — she’s just being Miley.

[Photos: Splash News Online]