Billy Bob Thornton Talks Sex During “That Time Of The Month,” Joins Our List Of Celebrity Sex Overshares

Well this is…special. TMZ photographers caught up with Billy Bob Thornton in Los Angeles, and the actor was kind enough to stop and give thorough answers to a few questions. Unfortunately, one of the questions was extremely gross and will probably haunt our dreams for a spell.

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With Valentine’s Day fresh on everyone’s mind, the photog asked Billy Bob whether he was still cool with having sex even if his lady-friend was…err, how should we say this. Getting a visit from her “Aunt Flo”…?  Enduring that time of the month…? On her period, ok! There, we said it!

Amazingly/disgustingly, BB was down to play ball with the hard hitting question. “Oooh…gosh. Well normally I don’t divulge that kind of information…” he started. He totally could have left it at that, but he had to continue.  “But…I’ve never been shy.” And now we know. Yup, that definitely deserves a place in our patented “Celebrity Sex Overshares.” Check out the gallery above for more!

[Photo: Getty Images]

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