Carrie Keagan Predicts The 2013 Oscar Winners

While you’ve been saving every extra dime to see all nine of this year’s Best Picture nominees, VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Live host Carrie Keagan has been making thoughtful commentary around the latest crop of Oscar hopefuls all winter long. Yes, there’s been trivia and chatter about the stinkers (ahem, Razzie nominees), but when it comes to Sunday’s real awards, Carrie has done the nearly impossible: predicted the big winners for the 2013.

For Carrie, Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln, a historical drama with a golden pedigree, cannot and will not be beat. “I do believe that Tommy Lee Jones is going to be sweeping the award season this year,” she explains, failing to mention the role an important wig had in the veteran actor’s impressive performance. And while she believes Mrs. Mary Todd Lincoln a.k.a. Sally Field should win Best Supporting Actress, award season momentum is not in her favor thanks to someone else’s omnipresent smile. “It was a killer performance, she was fantastic, I just don’t think anybody wants to hear another speech from her,” she says of Anne Hathaway’s expected win for Les Misérables.

Check out Carrie’s official picks below, and see how her choices stack up with those of your own come Sunday night.


Tommy Lee Jones, Lincoln


Anne Hathaway, Les Misérables


Daniel Day-Lewis, Lincoln


Jessica Chastain, Zero Dark Thirty


Steven Spielberg, Lincoln


Clearly our girl Carrie is a fan of facial hair.

We’ll have lots more great Oscars content in the coming days to help you close out Awards Season 2013 in style . And remember to check back with VH1 on Monday morning to see how Carrie did with her predictions–although, with so many parties out in Hollywood this weekend, we think she’ll be celebrating regardless.

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