Burger King vs. Chris Christie: Who’s Having The Best Week Ever?

Last week it was a dog named Banana Joe. This week, who KNOWS who will have the Best Week Ever…Will it be you? Will it be many-times-nominated-never-winner Justin Timberlake? You’ll have to watch the show to find out. (See how we get you?) Giving you their arguments this week, Best Week Ever’s Pete Lee, Adam Conover and Pat Dixon.

Is New Jersey Governor Chris Christie having the Best Week Ever?

Chris Christie! Everyone’s favvvvvorite governor of New Jersey. It seems like this dude is always having the Best Week Ever. Is this his week?


Is Oscar-Nominated Film Amour having the Best Week Ever?

Did anyone actually see this movie? It doesn’t seem like it. And somehow it’s up for Best Picture at The Oscars. Imagine if it won! Best Year Ever.


Is @BurgerKing having the Best Week Ever?

@BurgerKing got hacked this week and everyone followed them because it was hilarious. And they weren’t even mad! You know why? It earned them over 3,000 followers. Take that, social media strategy. ———-

So, Tell Us:

Who’s Having The Best Week Ever?

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