A Best Week Ever Taste Test Of The Least Likely Oscars Nominees To Get Their Faces On Cupcakes

Best Week Ever HQ had a special cupcake surprise today. Our local treats shop had an array of Oscar nominee cupcakes–everyone from Jennifer Lawrence to…Emmauelle Riva? Riva’s deserving of the Oscar, but not sure local cupcake fans would go for the 85 year old French nom. But hey, what do we know? She looked delicious and so did Best Actor nominee Daniel Day-Lews–who we’re sure would love to know that we’re about to bite into his face…

You look delicious, you well-respected actors:

Still confused?

Here she is, the 85 year old Emmanuelle Riva from Oscar-nominated foreign film, Amour:

Tastes like…a snub? A last chance at true greatness? A confusing French word? 

How about Daniel Day-Lewis, who didn’t get the Lincoln treatment on his…treat:

Tastes like…an impression of a better-tasting cupcake. 

And Bobby had the Jessica Chastain, describing her as tasting: “like blood and sweat but not tears because I’m not sure if she feels emotion.”

Thanks Bobby.