Catch Up On The Crazy World Of Smash!

If you’re gonna read our brand new Smash recaps starting next week, you’re going to have to know what’s happening on the newest season. Thanks to Best Week Ever Associate Producer Abby Holland, Smash devotee, we’re going to be recapping this clunker every week.

Missed a few eps this season? Don’t worry. We’ll catch you up. 

10. Bombshell, the musical about Marilyn Monroe that they have been slaving away at for a year, is maybe not going to happen now.

9. Jennifer Hudson joined the cast and her character is really boring!

8. This guy; who is supposedly a love interest for Karen (Katherine McPhee); is not gay.

7. Julia (Deborah Messing) is depressed and then gets her groove back by writing a new song about JFK and Marilyn. FINALLY!

6. This guy is still gay.

5. Ivy got cast in another play on Broadway after being fired from Bombshell.

4. The over-produced dance numbers are getting more and more outrageous.

3. The writers still think that two bartenders living in Brooklyn (OR ANYONE’S LIVING SITUATION) would have this much space.

2. Karen and Ivy STILL don’t get along!

1. I’m still gonna watch EVERY EPISODE.

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