Never Been Kissed By Oscar: Megastars Snubbed By The Gold Man

They say money can’t buy you love, but it also can’t buy you Oscars. Despite having a film portfolios grossing in the BILLIONS of dollars, some of Hollywood’s biggest stars are still without an a little gold man!

  • Ralph Fiennes

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  • Harrison Ford

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  • queen_latifah_1.jpg

  • helena_bonham_carter_1.jpg

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  • sigourney_weaver_1.jpg

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  • Leonardo DiCaprio

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  • Ian McKellen

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  • Alec Baldwin

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  • Johnny Depp

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It seems that dudes like Leonardo DiCaprio and Johnny Depp had been aiming for an Academy Award since they were in their teens, and despite their moody and varied performances they’ve still gone home empty handed. And Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and Will Smith? They’ve been around for so long that they’ve had to have won something, right? Yet still no dice. Queen Latifah, Sigourney Weaver and Helena Bonham Carter are just three of the uber-famous leading ladies who have been snubbed so far.

So Academy members, if you’re reading: We submit this list of 20 high profile actors and actresses for your consideration. Maybe show them a little Oscar love next year! We ranked ’em by the amount of money their flicks have grossed at the box office, and cross-referenced it with people who’ve gotten at least ONE nomination from the Academy (sorry, Bruce Willis, that means you’re off the list!). Check out our full list above.

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